Co-Link Global Logistics Company (hereinafter referred to as “Co-Link”) is the Logistics & Trading business in China.
Co-link  has already formed the network and intensive management and development pattern. There are 4 sub-institutions all over China’s main ports and economically developed inland cities. The overseas partners with long-term cooperative relationship have been founded in more than 150 countries and regions of the world. Our network covers all major freight processing cities in China and the world.
Operating principle: we aim to be pragmatic, innovative, efficient and harmonious. We constantly enhance our core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, create value for customers, respect and training talents, so as to build the company into a modern comprehensive logistics enterprise with international competitiveness, and realize the maximum benefits of shareholders.
Development vision: to be a modern comprehensive logistics service provider with international competitiveness, equipped with complete global network, integrated industry chain, the large-scale operation, as well as advanced management and information systems.
Development strategy: We will consolidate the core business and continue to improve network and industrial chain; great efforts will be put in the development of market segments and service products of the supply chain trade, the expansion of business scale and enhancement of coordination effect; the investment of information construction will be increased so as to achieve the service leap driven by technique; we will focus on the introduction and training of talents, to build the groups with inter-disciplinary senior management talents and key talents.

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